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Beta carotene - the pre-stage of the eye-vitamin

Our body is able to compose vitamin A from the provitamin beta carotene.
The provitamins (beside beta carotene there are also the pre-stages alpha- and gamma carotene) are taken in with vegetable food, metabolised to vitamin A and then stored in the liver.
We can find high valued beta carotene in all green, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A itself is found in milk, egg yolk and in liver. The metabolization of beta carotene to vitamin A does not work without any loss. Thus you should take considerably more beta carotene than vitamin A.
Also beta carotene has got - as well as vitamin A - a very high antioxidative protective function.
Sun protection factor ...
According to recent studies and additional intake of beta carotene as an oral sun protection agent is sensible. It protects skin against sunburn.
A high dosed taking of beta carotene may increase the risk of lung cancer in strong smokers.
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Nutritional/medical dosage 10 - 30 mg

Beta carotene - sources

carrots 9,02
parsley 4,20
spinach 3,66
red pepper 2,00
tomatoes 0,70
cherries 0,30
apples 0,05