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Chromium - the insulin controller

Chromium seems to elevate the activity of insulin. Thus the importance of chromium shows itself when suffering from a disturbed glucose tolerance, in particular in elder people and in diabetes, but also when having low blood sugar values. Admittedly chromium is no substitute for insulin, as its effect assumes the existence of insulin.
A chromium deficiency shows itself in a diminshed blood sugar regulation on the one hand, but also in ravenous appetite, frequent desire for meals or dizziness and bad temper after not having eaten anything for about six hours.
Elevated blood lipid values, i.e. too high LDL cholesterol, may cause a too low chromium level. People, who suffer from glaucoma, very often have a chromium deficiency. A supplementation may improve this disease.
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RDA* 40 mcg
Nutritional/medical dosage 50 - 300 mcg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Chromium - sources

  mcg/100g 100 mcg corresponds to:
cheese 100,0 100 g = 3 slices
wholemeal products 50,0 200 g = 3 bread rolls
vegetable 15,0 666 g = 6 portions
nuts 15,0 666 g = 1332 hazel nuts