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Corporate Philosophy / Our Work

Diet-related Problems Need Nutritional Medicine Solutions
The range of foods available to us has never been so abundant and varied as today, but precisely this diversity also bears the risk of us “slipping” into nutrient deficits as a result of unbalanced eating and drinking habits. About 50% of all health problems and diseases in the industrialised nations are now considered to be diet-related. Problems such as neurodermatitis, allergies, learning and concentration disorders in school children, depressive moods, burnout, lack of drive, chronic immune deficiency or rheumatic symptoms can be the result of eating the wrong food.
For about 2 decades, the company Ökopharm has been investigating how bad (or good) eating and drinking habits affect our health. The bad news: An unhealthy diet makes us chronically ill. The good news: A healthy diet and a specific supply of nutrients can make us healthy and keep us healthy.
Sustainability through Research
Since the eighties, Ökopharm has successfully researched high-quality sources of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This research has been successful – the production methods for micronutrients have been developed by Ökopharm in a process of many years. Today, these methods are patented worldwide and unique. This uniqueness and high quality is also found in the Ökopharm products.
Austrian Know-how
The Ökopharm Research Centre, where 70 highly qualified experts are dedicated to researching the impacts of our daily diet on our health, is located in the Lungau Region of Salzburg.
Ökopharm is in constant contact with doctors and pharmacists. We are aware of the problem of micronutrient deficits and the health problems that result from such deficits, and we are working to find and develop solutions: vitamins, minerals, trace elements …. to treat diet-related medical problems and diseases – that is what Ökopharm is specialised in.
Ökopharm products are available only in pharmacies. If you have any questions about Ökopharm products, the Austrian pharmacies will be happy to offer competent advice. You can also contact us directly.
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