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Your personal check "How good is my skin care?"

  • I often have learning and concentration problems.
  • I have problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night.
  • Wound heal slowly.
  • I am tired and apathetic.
  • My skin is dry and brittle.
  • My sense of smell is impaired or hypersensitive.
  • My mucous membranes are dry or sensitive.
  • My diet is low in fat.
  • I often eat convenience foods or snacks.
  • I do not eat a lot of vegetables.

Your personal evaluation: "How healthy is my skin?"

You probably do not have any skin problems due to nutrient deficits!

Please do the other checks available on the website in order to discover if you might have any nutrient deficiencies!

Your personal evaluation: "How healthy is my skin?"

You have ticked 4 or more boxes. Your body very probably has nutrient deficits. We recommend that you consult a pharmacy for nutrient advice.