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Your personal Check "How sour am I?"

  • I often have ravenous appetite on sweets.
  • I have an increased addiction to mycouses.
  • My joints are stiff in the morning.
  • My tongue is covered (in the morning).
  • I quickly get short-winded at physical effort.
  • I likely eat meat, sausages and pasta.
  • I rarely eat salads, vegetables and fruit.
  • I smoke.
  • I am doing competitive sports or physical drudgery.
  • I sometimes suffer from bad breath.

Your personal Check "How sour am I?"

Your acid/base balance is alright!

Please do the other checks available on the website in order to discover if you might have any nutrient deficiencies!

Your personal check "How "sour" am I?"

You have ticked 4 or more boxes. You body very probably has nutrient deficits. We recommend that you consult a pharmacy for nutrient advice.