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Your personal check "How strong are my nerves?"

  • I am often tired and apathetic.
  • I have a pale complexion.
  • I cannot remember my dreams in the mornings.
  • I feel unwell in lifts, tunnels or big crowds.
  • Wounds heal slowly.
  • I sometimes have a burning sensation in my mouth or throat.
  • I do not eat many whole-grain products.
  • I hardly eat nuts.
  • I often eat convenience foods or snacks.
  • I drink alcohol regularly.

Personal evaluation: "How strong are my nerves?"

You probably do not have any emotional problems due to nutrient deficits!

Please do the other checks available on the website in order to discover if you might have any nutrient deficiencies!

Personal evaluation: "How strong are my nerves?"

You have ticked 4 or more boxes. Your body very propably has nutrient deficits. We recommend that you consult a pharmacy for nutrient advice.