Iron - the oxygen-provider

Oxygen supply…
Iron ist essential for the generation of red corpuscles, which supply the body with oxygen. A sufficient oxygen supply is enormously important: no concentration, no clear thoughts without oxygen in the brain, no sportive performance without oxygen in the muscle.
An iron deficiency shows itself in exsanguination, paleness, lassitude and fatigue! Also other symptoms may be found: deficiency in concentration, headache, loss of hair, shortness of breath, fluted and fragile nails, constant infections and loss of appetite.
Mainly women…
should take care of a sufficient oxygen supply, as they may lose much iron during the menstrual period! Sufficient amounts of iron may ease menstrual pains. Thus it is important for you: Consume iron-rich food and consume food, from which iron may be absorbed well. These are mainly meat and meat-products. Green vegetable, lentils, beans, peanuts and enriched breakfast cereals add to the iron supply. Sufficient vitamin C and fructose play a decisive role at the same time, as they may improve the absorption of iron. Tannin, which gives tea its slightly bitter taste, in turn may hinder the absorption of iron. Also vegetable substances in cereals, mainly in the bran, may hinder the absorption. This may also be said for spinach and calcium. If you take drugs like antacids against an acidity of the stomach or tetracycline, which helps in acne and infections, you have to reckon, that the organism is able to utilize iron only insufficiently. 
But not only women should particularly take care of iron, also sportsmen/women, vegetarians, people, who lost blood e.g. in a surgery or those, who are drinking much tea.
Blood count…
Before you supplement iron, take a look at your blood count! Be geared to your ferritin-value. Is it abased, an iron deficiency is existent demonstrably. 
Attention with a too high supply…
Too high doses of iron may accelerate the ageing process and may increase the risk of heart diseases and infections.
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RDA* 14 mg
Nutritional/medical dosage 10 - 100 mg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Iron - sources

  mg/100g 10 mg corresponds to:
pork liver 22,0 45 g = 1/3 portion
sesame 14,5 69 g = 8 1/2 tablespoonfuls
egg yolk 7,0 143 g = 7 yolks
lentils 3,2 312,5 g = 2 portions
soy beans 3,1 323 g = 2 portions
spinach 3,0 336 g = 2 portions
fennel 2,5 389 g = 5 pieces