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L-carnitine - the fatburner

Our body is able to synthesise L-carnitine itself from the amino acids Iysine and methionine.
Fatburner ...
In the organism L-carnitine is needed for the decomposition of lipids. In the media L-carnitine is often presented as a slimming agent, which is able to melt away fat pads. This is certainly not true in this form. Due to the fact that L-carnitine plays a decisive role in the burning of fat, one can not yet say, that the mere taking of L-carnitine burns excessive fat. Very well able is L-carnitine in combination with a diet and an added physical programme to assist the burning of fat.
Immune system ...
Another application area for L-carnitine is the stimulation of the immune system. So it was found out for example, that a treatment with L-carnitine is recommendable for children with recurrent respiratory diseases.
Requirement ...
As it is with all vitaminoids, no daily requirement can be declared. The daily absorption is about 10 - 70 mg.
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Nutritional/medical dosage 200 - 3.500 mg

L-carnitine sources

Milk, meat, chicken, beef, lamb, sheep, pork