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PANMOL® - a new generation of natural vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids from grain sprouts, mineral flours, valuable oil seeds and highly nutritious potato tuber.

Vis Vitalis GmbH

Die vis vitalis GmbH is a specialized developer and manufacturer of nutritional supplements, supplementary balanced diets and medical devices in various galenical formulations.

Cogito Gesundheitsverlag

In the "guide to self-help" from the Cogito-Gesundheitsverlag the relationship between daily nutrition and well being are presented in a comprehensible manner. The advisers show possibilities, which influence our healthiness in a positive way.

Nährstoff-Akademie Salzburg

The Nutritional Academy Salzburg is Austria´s first scientific institution, which sets itself the target of a broad information brokering on the basis of updated results of the latest research of the topic of applied nutritional medicine.