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Magnesium - the stress manager

Magnesium is involved in more than 300 enzyme-reactions. The mineral is part of the energy production as well as in the protection of cell membranes. Thus magnesium is stored in almost all body tissues and plays a decisive role in growth. Just as well important it is for strong bones and teeth, for a healthy circulation- and nervous system and in the muscle relaxation.
Magnesium versus stress ...
Magnesium calms the nerves, relaxes the muscles and lets the heart beat rhythmically. Stress advances, all but through an increased consumption, a magnesium deficiency. Who is stressed, almost always has a low magnesium level.
Muscle cramps ...
A magnesium deficiency shows itself - who does not know - in form of muscle cramps. But also vascular diseases, heart diseases, migraine, nervousness and high blood pressure can be caused by magnesium deficiency.
Pregnancy ...
High blood pressure, cramps and early beginning labor pains may be diminished in pregnancy with magnesium suppl.
Thus the application fields of magnesium range from heart diseases, heart rhythm disturbances, high blood pressure, muscle cramps to psychic and physic stress. Also premenstrual headache may be connected with too low magnesium levels. 100 - 200 mg daily produce relief.
Diabetes ...
As magnesium is involved in the transport of glucose and the release of insulin, particularly diabetics need sufficient magnesium. With this complications like heart diseases, kidney problems or damages of the nerves may be avoided.
Protein-rich food, but also a balanced calcium supply and sufficient phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B1, B6, C and D take care for a sufficient absorption of magnesium from food. When we have taken too much calcium, magnesium cannot be absorbed optimally. Also the taking of diuretics causes an increased requirement of magnesium. Overdoses of magnesium may lead to paralyses, nausea and depressions. Extremly high doses - 3000 - 5000 mg daily - may even be lethal.
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RDA* 375 mg
Nutritional/medical dosage 300 - 1500 mg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Magnesium - sources

  mg/100g Daily dosage: 350 mg corresponds to:
pumpkin seeds 534,00 65 g = 3 tablespoonfuls
sun flower seeds 400,0 87 g = 4 tablespoonfuls
wheat germs 250,00 140 g = 11 tablespoonfuls
oat bran 140,00 250 g = 1/4 kg
maize 120,00 292 g = 1 1/2 portions
lentils 80,00 437 g = 3 portions
bananas 27,00 1296 g = 10 bananas