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Manganese - the Jack of all trades

Constituent of enzymes ...
Manganese ist most important for the fight against free radicals. It improves the utilisation of proteins and the generation of sexual- and thyrotropic-hormones. Furthermore it cares for healthy nerves and a good bone structure. Manganese deficiency symptoms are practically not noticed. Indeed excessive manganese is not absorbed by the body. Therefore manganese is one of the most nontoxic minerals.
Depression, memory ...
Fields of application are psychic disturbances such as depressions or old-age weakeness of memory. Here besides a zinc deficiency often a manganese deficiency is noticed. Also epileptics, who had a low manganese-level, could reduce their attacks with the supply of manganese demonstrably. Too low manganese levels could also be found in diabetics and in woman with too low bone density. Here an increasing of the suppy leads to improvements.
Literature: Gesund durch ausreichend Vitamine, Mineralstoffe & Spurenelemente, Nährstoff-Akademie Salzburg; ISBN: 3-902472-00-6


RDA* 2 mg
Nutritional/medical dosage 2 - 20 mg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Manganese - sources

  mg/100g 5 mg corresponds to:
tea, black 73,4  
wheat germs 10,0 50 g = 3 tablespoonfuls
blueberries 3,23 155 g = 1 cup
soy flour 3,0 167 g = 11 tablespoonfuls
wheat, corn 3,0 167 g
sunflower seeds 2,2 227 g = 11 tablespoonfuls
walnuts 1,9 263 g = 131 pieces