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- For immune defence
Readily bio-available organic zinc improves the body’s zinc supply and contributes to a healthy vitamin A metabolism. Plant vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), zinc and copper as well as the stomach-sparing vitamin C are important for the normal function of the immune system.
- For cell regeneration and cell protection
Zinc plays an important role in cell division and in the normal DNA synthesis of skin and body cells. Vitamin A helps to keep skin and mucosa healthy and has a role in the process of cell specialisation. Vitamin C, zinc and copper are essential elements of the antioxidant protection system in the body and therefore contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress - both individually and with their biological interaction.
- For fertility
Zinc is a valuable nutrient for the reproductive organs and hormone activity of women and men. Zinc contributes to normal fertility, normal reproduction, and plays an important role in maintaining a normal testosterone level in the blood.
- For optimal bio-availability
Bioperine® is a patented extract from black peppercorns (Piper nigrum) with a high concentration of the active plant substance piperin. Bioperine® naturally supports the uptake of nutrients through the digestive system and thus ensures optimal bio-availability.
ÖKOMED® ZINC COMPLEX CAPSULES contain PHYTO-PANMOL®-CAROTENOIDS, a natural complex of high-quality carotenoids such as betacarotene (vegetable provitamin A), lutein and zeaxanthine.

Ökomed® Zinc Complex
Nutrient content per daily dose
Substances per daily dose
( = 1 capsule)
*NRV = nutrient reference values (daily reference intakes for vitamins and minerals).
The values are based on average analyses.
One daily dose = 0.01 bread units.
Vitamins and trace elements    
Zinc, organically bound 30 mg 300 %
Copper, organically bound 500 mcg 50 %
Vitamin C 80 mg 100 %
Other active substances    
Beta-carotene 3 mg  
Alpha-carotene 114 mcg  
Other carotenoids (xanthophylls as luteine, zeaxanthine) 49 mcg  
Bioperine® (Extr. Pip.nigr.) 5 mg  
Recommended administration
Take one capsule with some liquid between meals once times daily.

Free from gluten and lactose.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Purely vegetable capsule shell.
Austrian product quality.

Package size: 30 capsules

Price:  € 12,90