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Phosphorus - the bone decompositor

Confederates in the bone metabolism ...
Phosphorus ist the most important confederate of calcium in the bone structure. 85 % of the bodies phosphorus is situated in the bones, the rest is needed for the energy-metabolism.
Oversupply of phosphorus ...
The requirement for phosphorus is practically always covered by our food. On the contrary - we rather have a expect an oversupply and only very seldomly a deficiency. A too much of phosphorus has a serious effect on the calcium-household, as phosphorus hinders the absorption of calcium from the intestine. Only people, who drink big amounts of alcohol or who take antacids over long periods, should care for a sufficient phosphorus supply. Also in Chron´s diesase and badly adjusted diabetics phosphorus may have an improving effect.
In lemonades very much phosphorus is contained. If you drink much lemonade, you disturb your calcium-metabolism.
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RDA* 700 mg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Phosphorus - sources

  mg/100g 1,2 g corresponds to:
pumpking seeds 1.444,0 83 g = 6 tablespoonfuls
parmesan cheese 950,0 158 g = 8 tablespoonfuls
wheat; corn 400,0 300 g
sweetbread 400,0 300 g = 3 portions
rye; corn 370,0 324 g
beans 350,0 342 g = 2 1/2 portions
milk 90,0 1.333 g = about 1 1/2 liter