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Potassium - the Blood Pressure Lowerer

Our muscles and nerves need potassium to function smoothly, and potassium also controls the acid-base balance. Potassium is found mainly in the interior of the cell. It is regulated by sodium, which is outside the cell. Potassium also prevents the elimination of calcium in the urine.
Potassium against high blood pressure …
Together with magnesium, potassium lowers high pressure – sustainably and without side effects. The direct consequence: The incidence of strokes can decrease.
Nerve and muscle function …
Potassium – like calcium – is responsible for efficient nerve and muscle function. This means that an adequate supply is particularly important for athletes! In addition to apathy and lethargy, a deficiency also manifests itself in the form of muscle cramps and muscle paralysis. The heart muscle, in particular, can be affected in the form of cardiac dysrhythmias.
Plenty of vegetables are worthwhile …
Fruits and vegetables are very rich in potassium – it is worth eating plenty! Heart patients in particular, but also patients with high blood pressure benefit from potassium supplementation. Too much sodium prevents the potassium uptake. Excessive alcohol consumption also results in a higher demand for potassium. Potassium overdoses occur when more than 17 g (!) are taken. However, diabetics should never take potassium unless prescribed by the doctor. Please note than an excessive supply of potassium can result in magnesium losses!
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RDA* 2.000 mg
Nutritional/medical dosage 0.5 - 2 g
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Potassium - sources

  mg/100g daily supply: 2000 mg, equivalent to
Wheat bran 1400.00 143 g = 14 tablespoons
Beans 1300.00 154 g = 1 portion
Figs; dried 1088.00 184 g = 12 pieces
Poppy seed 700.00 286 g = 35 tablespoons
Yeast 630.00 317 g = 7 1/2 cubes
Spinach 544.00 368 g = 2 large portions
Mushrooms 507.00 394 g = 2 1/2 portions