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Selenium - the detoxicator

Selenium is a strong antioxidant…
Like vitamin A, C, E and zinc selenium is among the antioxidative substances. In this combination it stabilises the immune system and is able, if taken preventatively, to help to prevent diseases like cancer or cardiac infarction. Furthermore selenium assists the production of healthy spermia and the sustainment of the prostate gland. A notable result in the treatment of acne can also be achieved within a few weeks with selenium (200 mcg) and vitamin E.
Selenium bonds arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury and aluminum and thus is able to flush these toxic substances out of the body. This effect is assisted optimally by zink, manganese, calcium and magnesium.
You let your amalgam inlays be removed?…
Then assist the flushing out of the body. The following supplementation is recommended: Selenium in the morning, vitamin C and zinc at noontime.
Austria and Germany are classical selenium-deficient areas. That means, even the plants, that grow on our soils, contain few selenium! Deficiency symptoms may be: heart rhythm disturbances, disturbances of growth, disturbances of maturation of spermia, infertility in man, diminished immune system and an increased creation of lipofuscines, which are also called ageing- or abrasion-pigments. To be able to absorb selenium most effectively, our body needs the vitamins A, C and E. After all you should take care, that you only combine anorganic selenium with vitamin C. Contrary a disturbed intestinal flora or too much sulphur in the food inhibits the selenium absorption.
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RDA* 55 mcg
Nutritional/medical dosage 20 - 400 mcg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Selenium - sources

  mcg/100g 100 mcg corresponds to:
pistachio 450.00 22 g = pieces
calf kidney 260.00 38 g = one little portion
herring 140.00 71 g = 1/2 portion
wheat germs 110.00 91 g = 7 1/2 tablespoonfuls
soy beans 60.00 67 g = one portion
prawns 41.00 244 g = 8 pieces
rice 40.00 250 g = 4 portions