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Vitamin A - the eye vitamin - retinol

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which primarily is involved in the process of vision. The formation of vision pigments in the retina is supported by vitamin A. Further it performs the building and the normal functioning of the skin and the oral-, lung-, intestinal-, renal- und genital mucosa. There vitamin A protects from infections and environmental damages.
Vitamin A is a radical scavenger ...
and with this a protection-vitamin against breast-, lung-, colon- and prostate cancer. Beside the cancer therapy vitamin A is also used in the therapy of heart diseases, strokes, cataract, as well as disturbances of digestion and thyroid hyperfunction.
Respiratory diseases, psoriasis and acne are additional fields of application of vitamin A, as it influences the skin condition positively. Medical control is essential in this.
Effect ...
To evolve its effect optimally, vitamin A needs also vitamin E and zinc. If vitamin A is supplemented, i.e. taken as a food supplement, you should think of a combination of these three substances.
In the industrial countries clinically visible vitamin A deficiency symptoms can rarely be observed. Globally seen however, vitamin A deficiency is the most common vitamin deficiency. It can lead to weaknes of vision, blindness, disturbances of growth, rough skin or unglamorous hair, as well as to increased sensitivity to infections and skin damages.
People, who take the drugs Cholestyramin or antacids, should take care of a balanced vitamin A level. The former provides the lowering of cholesterol values, the other is taken when suffering from indigestion. Also too few zinc may lower vitamin A in the body. Moreover people, who nourish on lowfat nutrition over long periods, should pay particular attention on their vitamin A level.
To avoid overdosage, you should not combine vitamin A sources; e.g. cod-liver oil & multivitamins.
Pregnant should avoid vitamin A preparations.
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RDA* 800 mcg
Nutritonal/medical dosage 0,5 - 3 mg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Vitamin A - sources

  mg/100g 1 mg corresponds to:
cod-liver oil 24,00 4 g = 1 teaspoonful
chicken liver 11,00 10 g = 1 little piece
carrots 1,50 60 g = 1 1/2 pieces
butter 0,67 134 g = 11 tablespoonfulls
egg yolk 0,57 158 g = 8 yolks
camembert 0,40 225 g = 1 1/2 portions
pork 0,32 250 g = 2 portions