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Vitamin B12 - the Alzheimer-vitamin - cobalamin

As the only B-vitamine, vitamin B12 may be stored by the body. The liver contains pools, that may be enough for 10 - 12 years.
Haematopoieses ...
Vitamin B12 plays its part in the regeneration of cells. In this it works togehter with folic acid. A deficiency of vitamin B12 filtrates folic acid out of the cell into the blood. The cell suffers from a folic acid deficiency, while in the blood serum sufficient amounts are present. In blood examinations therefore always define both vitamins. And remember - also at increased homocystein-values vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid are an unbeatable team. Basically vitamin B12 is absorbed more easily by the body, if all vitamins of the B-complex are present. But also vitamin A, C, E and calcium stimulate the absorption.
Disturbances of the nervous system ...
Vitamin B12 plays its part in the generation of the moist-oily layer on the nerve-cells. This layer allows the transmission of the nerves impulses. If vitamin B12 is missing, the transmission can be disturbed - mental problems may be the consequence! About 70 % of all Alzheimer-patients suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency - it is worth to think about this early enough! Vitamin B12 and folic acid are also needed for the production of the nerve-messengers serotonin, noradrenalin and dopamin. These take care, that we fell well and psychically balanced. Particularly those nervous damages, which are typical for diabetics, may be reduced to a vitamin B12 deficiency.
Vitamin B12 can be found mostly in animal food. The only vegetable sources are beer, pickled sour cabbage and fermented bread drink. Thus especially vegetarians should take care of a sufficient supply. Pregnant and breast feeding women as well as people from 55 years have got an increased requirement of vitamin B12. Take care, if you have to take drugs like Metormin or Cholestyramin. They retard the ability of the organism to absorb vitamin B12. Sleeping pills, the birth control pill and alcohol act similarly.
External signs ...
of a vitamin B12 deficiency may be: anxiety or hardenings, deficient concentration, fatigue, bad state of hair, eczema, thrush-affection of the tongue, anemia or aching muscles.
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RDA* 2,5 mcg
Nutritional/medical dosage 3 - 1000 mcg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Vitamin B12 - sources

  mg/100g 3 mcg corresponds to:
calf liver 8,0 37,5 g = 1 small portion
liver pie 6,0 50 g = 1 1/2 portions
mackerel 5,8 52 g = 1 little piece
salmon 3,0 100 g = 1 small portion
emmentaler cheese 20,0 150 g = 5 slices
beef 1,80 167 g = 1 big portion
eggs 1,7 176 g = 3 pieces