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Vitamin B2 - the energy vitamin - riboflavin

Energy production ...
Vitamin B2 is needed for the energy production in our cells. A vitamin B2 deficiency may easily cause fatigue, lassitude and an energy deficit.
Vitamin B2 and fat burning ...
To start up body´s own fat burning, our body needs vitamin B2 among others. Thus we should always take enough vitamin B2 - only that way body-fat may be decomposed. Don´t forget - vitamin B2 is water soluble and therefore cannot be stored! We have to take it daily!
But not only diet-willed people profit by sufficient vitamin B2, also endurance sportsmen and -women. After about 20 minutes of endurance sport our body begins to obtain more and more energy from the decomposition of fat and therefore takes up vitamin B2. That means: For runners it is worth to take an additional vitamin B2 dose.
Eye protection ...
Glutathione is a highly effective antioxidant, which particularly protects the eye. If glutathione has scavengered a free radical, it is all but used up and has to be regenerated by vitamin B2, in order to be ready for action. If vitamin B2 is missing, glutathione loses its protective effect and a cataract may occur.
Vitamin B2 is absorbed in a better way by our body, if the other B-vitamins are present sufficiently and if selenium is supplied. Alcohol, antidepressants, a surplus of iron, zinc, copper and manganese may inhibit the absorption of vitamin B2. Also the birth control pill and smoking may empty the vitamin B2 storages.
At stress or diabetes we need more vitamin B2, also vegetarians, pregnant, elderly people and dietkeeping should particularly take care of their vitamin B2-requirement. An inflamed tongue or lip, tremble, reddened eyes, adynamia, dizziness, lack of concentration, eczema, fragile nails and hair may indicate a vitamin B2 deficiency. A surplus of vitamin B2 may admittedly cause a magnesium deficiency.
In Applied Nutritional Medicine vitamin B2 is used in the therapy of cataract, cramps and during pregnancy, acromycoses and together with vitamin B6  in the treatment of carpal canal syndrome.
Cataract requires particular attendiveness. Too much of vitamin B2 supports the disease, but also too few. In addiction to cataract at most 10 mg over some months should be taken.
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RDA* 1,4 mg
Nutritional/medical dosage 1 - 100 mg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Vitamin B2 - sources

  mg/100g 1,6 mg corresponds to:
beef liver 3,00 53 g = 3/4 portion
yeast 2,00 80 g = 2 cubes
mackerel 1,20 133 g = 1 small portion
camenbert 0,58 276 g = 9 portions
caviar 0,50 320 g = 64 teaspoonfuls
maize semolina 0,38 421 g = 28 tablespoonfuls
field mushroom 0,35 475 g = 3 portions