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Vitamin B6 - the nerve vitamin - pyridoxine

Nerve messengers ...
Aggressiveness, lack of concentration, depressions, sleeplessness arise, if our nerve messengers are built insufficiently. Now, these messengers are all built up from protein. If our body takes protein from food, he needs vitamin B6 to be able to utilize it. A vitamin B6 deficiency thus has the same effect than a protein deficiency! This is because protein cannot be utilized without vitamin B6 and is therefore excreted. The following basic rule should be remembered: The more protein we eat, the more vitamin B6 we need! If you take the double amount of protein for the build-up of muscles in form of protein concentrates, you also need an additional vitamin B6 preparation.
Defective cell regeneration ...
Cells, which are regenerating constantly, also need vitamin B6. At a deficiency first symptoms like nausea, diarrhea dry skin, chapped lips, inflamed eyelids, affected immune system and amyasthenia may occur.
Sexual hormone ...
It is assumed that vitamin B6 also has an influence on the balance of the sexual hormenes. Therefore women, who suffer from the premenstrual syndrome, may have a vitamin B6 deficiency. At the moment a schientific substantiation is still missing, but it is assumed that doses of 50 - 250 mg vitamin B6 can ease the symptoms. Vitamin B6 robbers are alcohol, penicillin, the birth control pill and nicotine. Zinc, magnesium and the other B-vitamins support the absorption of vitamin B6.
Vitamin B6 should be taken regularly, as it is already eliminated out of the body after about eight hours!
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RDA* 1,4 mg
Nutritional/medical dosage 2 - 200 mg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Vitamin B6 - sources

  mg/100g 1,7 mg corresponds to:
salmon 0,98 173 g = 1 big portion
oat, whole grain 0,96 177 g
walnuts 0,80 216 g = 107 nuts
yoast 0,70 243 g = 5 1/2 cubes
pork 0,47 362 g = 2 1/2 portions
avocados 0,38 447 g = 1 1/2 pieces
frankfurter sausages 0,37 459 g = 4 1/2 pairs