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Vitamin E - the anti aging vitamin - tocopherol

Vitamin E is an important antioxidant ...
The effects of vitamin E are very manifold and not straight forward completely even today. Mainly important is its effect as an antioxidant and a radical scavenger. It prevents, that unsaturated fatty acids and other sensible substances in the organism are destroyed by free radicals.
Cancer, arteriosclerosis, anti aging ...
The field of application of vitamin E goes from ateriosclerosis, cancer, rheumatic diseases, diabetes and infections to the anti aging prophylaxis. In a current study could be proven, that vitamin E-doses (>300 I.U. vit. E/ daily) could reduce the risk of bowel cancer about 27 %. Interestingly this evidence only succeeded in male patients.
The positive effect of additional vitamin E doeses could also be proven in various studies in connection with Alzheimer´s diseases. Together with vitamin C vitamin E reduces the risk to fall ill with Alzheimer´s disease. If men additionally take 600 mg vitamin E daily, the number of sperms considerably increases. The fertility is demonstrably influenced positively.
Taking ...
Vitamin C basically helps to absorb vitamin E in a better way, also selenium contributes to a better utilization. The drug Colestyramin, which we get administered for the abatement of a high cholesterol level, inhibits the absorption of vitamin E. Also the birth control pill is responsible for an increased vitamin E requirement. Additionally too much iron, copper and manganese are estimated to be vitamin E robbers. But also saturated fatty acids, which we take in with margraines and finished products, attack our vitamin level. Indications for a vitamin E deficiency are effusions, slow healing of wounds, exhaustion after slight physical exercises, varicose veins, decreasing muscle tension, lack of libido or infertility.
At high blood pressure, rheumatic or ischemic heart diseases high vitamin E does should only be taken under medical control.
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RDA* 12 mg
Nutritional/medical dosage 20 - 1000 mg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Vitamine E - sources

  mg/100g 12 mg corresponds to:
sunflower oil 55,80 21 g = 2 tablespoonfuls
safflower oil 34,50 35 g = 3 1/2 tablespoonfuls
corn oil 30,90 39 g = 4 tablespoonfuls
hazelnuts 26,00 46 g = 6 1/2 tablespoonfuls
olive oil 12,00 100 g = 10 tablespoonfuls
egg yolk 3,60 333 g = 17 yolk
butter 2,20 545 g = 45 tablespoonfuls