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Vitamin H - the skin- & hair- vitamin - biotin

Also biotin is supplied sufficiently with well balanced nutrition, as it may be found in many foods. Partly biotin may be generated by the intestinal flora itself. If thus the intestinal flora is destroyed, biotin cannot be generated. A destroyed intestinal flora may be recognised by digestion-problems such as diarrhea or constipation, flatulence, halitosis, skin- or hair-problems and a bad exhalation of the stool.
Skin and hair ...
Biotin is regarded to be the classical hair- and skin-vitamin (“vitamin H”). It is important for the construction of fatty acids and the fat-content of the skin. Likely when having loss of hair, scall or fragile fingernails, biotin is given in higher amounts. For a prophylactic treatment doses between 100-300 mcg daily are sufficient.
Partner for insulin ...
Due to latest scientific cognitions biotin works together with the pancreas hormone insulin. With 16 mg additionally supplied biotine scientists were able to improve the glucose-metabolism significantly in diabetics.
Additional functions ...
The energy-production and the production of muscle-glycogen and glucose for the regulation of blood sugar is assisted by biotin. Fatigue may thus also be caused by a biotin deficiency.
Please not albumen ...
In raw albumen avidin is contained. This is the antagonist of biotin, avidin compounds with the vitamin. With this biotin is no more available for our body. When heating albumen, avidin is going to be destroyed.
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RDA* 50 mcg
Nutritional/medical dosage 100 - 300 mcg
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance  

Vitamin H - sources

  mg/100g 100 mcg corresponds to:
beef liver 100,00 100 g = 3/4 portion
yeast 60,00 167 g = 4 cubes
egg yolk 25,00 175 g = 8 1/2 portions
oat flakes 20,00 500 g = 50 spoonfuls
spinach 5,87 1704 g = 11 portions
milk 3,50 2857 g = 2,9 litres
carrots 3,28 3049 g = 76 pieces