Zinc - the immune regulator

After iron zinc is the second most frequent trace element in the human organism. It can mainly be found in hair, testicles, bones, muscles, ovaries, the prostate gland and in the islet cells of the pancreas.
Zinc deficiency…
First of all symptoms of zinc deficiencies could be found in disturbances of growth and sexual aberrations. In the meantime over 300 enzymes are known, which need zinc, which are not fully functional without zinc. Other indications for a low zinc-level are: dry skin, eczema, slowed hair- and nail-growth, impaired smell and sight, loss of taste, poor appetite, frequent infections, delayed growth in childhood and a late instating of puberty.
Zinc strengthens the immune system…
Lately the importance of zinc particularly for the immune system has become a subject of intensive research. In various studies it could be proven, that the additional taking of zinc has obviously lowered air passages infections. So vitamin C and zinc together assist a strong immune system. Zinc dissolves partly directly the so called virus covers. Thus zinc ointments are effective for example in fever blisters.
Skin diseases, acne…
Another field of application for zinc-supplementation are skin diseases such as acne vulgaris, disturbances of wound healing, shank-ulcers and neurodermatitis. Zinc is also involved in the generation of creatine, which is needed by our skin, hair and nails.
Zinc for virility…
Zinc provides for a good spermia-production! Who wonders – the oyster has been estimated to be aphrodisiac even long ago.
Together with selenium in the detoxification…
Also to flush out mercury due to amalgam-burdenings combinations of zinc, vitamin C and selenium are used. 
Zink should preferredly be taken in the evening. Particularly well it is absorbed with food-protein. Thus take zinc always together with food. Admittedly dietary fibres from cereals and phytates from legumes inhibit the absorption.
Particularly women who take the birth control pill should take care of a sufficient zinc supply. 
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RDA* 10 mg
Nutritional/medical dosage 10 - 150 mg
*RDA = recommended daily allowance  

Zinc - sources

  mg/100g 15 mg corresponds to:
oysters 50,0 30 g = 1 big piece
wheat germs 12,0 125 g = 10 tablespoonsfuls
calf liver 8,0 187 g = 1 big portion
cheese 4,0 375 g = 12 slices
veal 2,8 538 g = 1/2 kilo
prawns 2,3 652 = 22 pieces
cacao powder 2,14 700 g