A weird hairdo is preferable to hair loss!

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A weird hairdo is preferable to hair loss!

No more hair loss!

A weird hairdo is preferable to hair loss!

HOW ANNOYING, when you’ve spent ages in front of the bathroom mirror to make sure your hairdo is perfect - and then the masterpiece is ruined by a sudden shower of rain or gusts of wind on the way to the car, so that you ultimately get to work with an inadvertently weird hairdo. But hair loss is even more annoying and above all stressful.

Every single hair goes through three development phases: The growth phase (anagenesis phase), the transitional phase (catagenesis phase) and the rest phase (telogenesis phase). Whilst the growth phase lasts 6 years on average, the two other development phases only last from a few days to weeks. After the end of the rest phase, the hair dies off and a new hair grows. If this does not happen, we speak of hair loss.

Many factors, some of this are hormonal or stress-related, can have a negative impact on the smooth lifecycle of our hair:

HORMONES: Dihydrotestosterone (in short: DHT) is a derivative of the sexual hormone testosterone and is held responsible for hereditary hair loss and for hair loss after childbirth. There is also increased DHT activity in the body when hormonal contraceptives are stopped or during the menopause. It blocks the hairs’ growth phase both in men and in women, and in the long term it causes thin, weak hair or hair loss.

STRESS: Permanent stress is presumably one of the most common causes of hair loss. Whether anxiety before a major exam, an important meeting or the processing of a traumatic experience - anything that makes the psyche “totter” can have an impact on the hair metabolism.

HYPERACIDITY: Acid-base imbalances presumably have a greater influence on hair growth than has so far been assumed. Sooner or later an unbalanced diet, sports and stress cause an imbalance of acids and bases and thus in turn to increased hair damage.


For an optimal hair metabolism - and thus more pleasure instead of worries with our daily hairdo procedure - the body needs an adequate supply of essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and bioactive plant substances.

HORMONAL BALANCE: Isoflavones are active plant substances (contained in soy or pumpkins, for instance) that bind DHT and thus make it harmless without any further influence on the body’s hormone balance.

PSYCHIC BALANCE: The vitamins of the B complex are important not only for the optimal growth of hair; they also provide for improved stress resistance, more energy and a balanced frame of mind.

ACID-BASE BALANCE: Base electrolytes allow the body to counteract hyperacidity.

A proper supply of the sulphuric amino acid L-cysteine also plays a role because the main component of our hair, keratin, is synthesised from it. Zinc also plays a central role in hair growth. It is primarily responsible for cell division and hair cells in particular have very high cell division rates. If the body is well supplied with all nutrients, nothing really stands in the way of a perfect hairdo any more!


The innovative nutritional medicine formula for healthy hair comes from the research labs of the Austrian company Ökopharm: HairCaps capsules contain phytamins for hair growth (isoflavones from soy beans and pumpkin seed extract), sulphuric amino acids (L-cysteine, L-methionine), zinc, as well as a base formula and the patented Phyto-Panmol® B-complex.


HairCaps - Phytamins for active hair growth!

> Suppresses hair loss due to hormonal causes

> Stimulates the growth and pigmentation of hair

> Enhances the elimination of metabolic acids

INFOBOX: The different types of hair loss

Alopecia androgenetica: Androgen-related hair loss is presumably hereditary and irreversible.

Alopecia areata: This form is the so-called circular hair loss. The hair follicles are preserved, the bald spots usually appear in the head and beard region. Alopecia areata is reversible.

Alopecia symptomatica: In this form, the hair loss is the “bad aftertaste” of an underlying disease such as diabetes, syphilis, neoplasms, of drug therapies, intoxications or micronutrient deficiencies.